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Brooklyn Lawmakers On The Move July 20, 2018

Ortiz Leads Rally & Unveils Bill Calling for a Sanctuary New York State Assembly Member Feliz Ortiz Assembly Member &  Assistant Speaker Felix W. Ortiz (D-Sunset...

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans Available in Florida

Loans Available in Florida Following Secretary of Agriculture Drought Disaster Declaration for March Freeze The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) announced that Economic Injury Disaster...

Construction execs indicted for impersonating minority-owned businesses

Two construction company executives allegedly stole millions of dollars in public works contracts by stealing the identity of two minority-owned businesses, the AG’s office charged.

According to an indictment that was recently unsealed by the New York State Attorney General’s office, Michael Martin, the president and owner of the now-defunct Eastern Building & Restoration Inc., and D. Scott Henzel, the controller for the company, took advantage of benefits offered to minority-owned businesses and lined their own pockets to buy Harley Davidsons, jetskis and tropical vacations.

As executives at Eastern Building & Restoration, the duo tricked the two minority-owned businesses, Lorice Enterprises inc. and Precision Environmental Solutions Inc., by offering them the opportunity to partner with Eastern, according to the AG’s office.

In reality, Martin and Henzel took over the companies instead and used them to help Eastern qualify for and secure public works contracts that require some of the

How Cities Can Get Strategic About Procurement

The Louisville, Ky., Free Public Library needs its security guards to do more than simply monitor the entrances to its buildings. "They have to respond to medical emergencies, address disruptive behavior and make sure no one is using drugs in the bathrooms or hiding under the stairwells at closing," says Belinda Catman, the library's executive administrator for operations. The toughest part of the job, she says, is dealing with "a diverse population that includes children, elderly, individuals who are homeless, use substances or are mentally ill." Too often, security guards assigned to the library have been unable or unwilling to fulfill key aspects of the job, leading to excessive turnover.

In trying to fix this problem, Catman uncovered a mechanism driving the mismatch: Security guards were not being hired by the library directly. Instead, the library had tacked on to a $6.5 million Facilities Management Department contract with a private

Small Businesses Wanted for $40 Million SBA Technology Contract

The Small Business Administration is looking for as many as three small businesses to provide a wide range of information technology support. The agency requested...

States of Work: Salary History, Teacher Death Benefits

By Chris Marr

Keep up with the various state and local laws that touch on labor, employment, and benefits issues with this “States of Work” roundup. Bloomberg Law’s correspondents bring you a select taste of what’s going on throughout the country.

Hawaii Salary History Ban

Hawaii became the latest state to bar employers from requiring job candidates to share their salary history. Gov. David Ige (D) signed S.B. 2351 into law on July 6, and it takes effect Jan. 1, 2019. The measure also bans employers from requiring workers to keep quiet about their pay and from retaliating against workers who discuss salary with colleagues.

The law mirrors similar bans enacted in California, Massachusetts, New York City, and Chicago--and one partially blocked by a federal judge in Pennsylvania. The bans are aimed at combatting the wage gap between white male workers and their female and minority colleagues. Some large corporations

Environmental consultant named Small Business Person of the Year

September Myres, CEO and founder of Sundance Consulting, was named Idaho’s Small Business Person of the Year 2018 by the US Small Business Administration....

Tax relief, business loans available for local flood victims

The U.S. Small Business Administration and the IRS both announced Tuesday that they are joining efforts to help local victims of the June flooding...

SBA wants $40M in IT services help to meet 5-year modernization goals

The Small Business Administration issued a solicitation Monday worth up to $40 million for IT professional services to support the Office of the CIO’s modernization initiatives over...

The Health 202: Kavanaugh pick worries Obamacare and abortion-rights advocates

THE PROGNOSISIt was no surprise that when President Trump named Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Justice Anthony M. Kennedy last night, the immediate response was a...