General Services department increases revenue limit for Small Business Contracting Program

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Pennsylvania Secretary of General Services Curt Topper recently announced that the department increased the annual revenue limits to $38.5 million for self-certified small businesses to be eligible for the Small Business Contracting Program.

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“Increasing the revenue limit for self-certifying small and small diverse businesses to $38.5 million is a big deal for the commonwealth and especially for the businesses that will now be able to participate in the Small Business Contracting Program,” Topper said. “As part of our efforts to be a ‘Government That Works,’ we are making it easier for growing businesses to compete for, and be awarded, commonwealth contracting opportunities without affecting their eligibility for the program.”

Previously, the revenue eligibility requirement limits to self-certify as a small business had remained the same since 2012. The program, which is administered through the Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion and Small Business Opportunities Small Business, was limited to small businesses with annual revenue of less than $7 million for building design services, $20 million for construction or procurement goods and services and $25 million for information technology goods and services. The new cap will apply to all business types.

“Our number one goal is to increase the number of small and small diverse businesses that do business with the commonwealth and the amount of contracting dollars spent with those businesses,” Topper said. “Getting that self-certification is the first crucial step towards starting that process.”

Small businesses can register as a supplier with the Commonwealth through Pennsylvania’s Supplier Portal and then self-certificate as a small business.

Once a business self-certifies as a small business, it can begin to compete for contracting opportunities as a small business, while still pursuing its third-party small diverse business certification.

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