Pennsylvania’s data-driven opioid strategyBy Sara Friedman Feb 13, 2018

When Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf declared the opioid epidemic a statewide disaster in January, he tapped the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency to oversee a newly created Opioid Operational Command Center.  The center tracks opioid prescription and overdose information collected by the Department of Health’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and emergency rooms across the state.

An interactive data visualization tool shows prescription dispensation trends for different classes of opioids over a year-long period ending in the third quarter of 2017.  By tracking prescriptions and emergency department visits by county, the Opioid Operational Command Center can identify communities that are experiencing spikes in overdoses and provide appropriate response.

“This data is critical to not only determining where resources are needed, but to identify localized prescribing trends,” Acting Health Secretary and Physician General Rachel Levine said. “We will be able to use this tool

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